Since 1989, Laura Laaman has been WOWing salespeople, managers and customer service representatives with powerful and entertaining presentations.

Laura's road to sales success started when she was just 16. She quickly went on to break numerous national sales records. Many remain unsurpassed today. Due to Laura's success, several companies studied her and then modeled their training program around her techniques, producing tremendous results.

After proving her techniques were replicable, Laura discovered she possessed a unique gift for passing her techniques on to others and founded Executive Training Consultants in 1989. Since then, Laura and her staff have helped thousands of companies in the United States and Europe SELL MORE by using the vital techniques she delivers at her training seminars and presentations.

As a leading authority on salesmanship, leadership and customer service, Laura became a published author in 1996 and in 2002 co-authored The Certifiable Salesperson with Tom Hopkins. As an award-winning speaker, trainer and author, new salespeople and veterans alike look up to Laura because of her credibility, and powerful, yet approachable manner.

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