Why Customer Service- Explanations and examples of how and why exceptional customer service has become a necessary part of doing business today.

Having a "Can-do" Approach vs. a "Cannot-do" Attitude- Customers hate to be told "No". By using a "Can-do" approach, you will be able to, when necessary, state a negative while still creating a positive impression.

Telephone Skills- The importance of today's proper telephone skills in satisfying, generating, and keeping customers. This section includes great greetings through fabulous follow-up and much more.

Dealing with Difficult Customers- All businesses will have customers with concerns from time to time. Minimizing and properly handling these people will save customers and minimize frustration for our employees and create a positive lasting impression on your customer. This section explains what triggers difficult people to behave inappropriately and how to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Delivery- Energetic, fun and interactive training seminar and material will guide participants to peak performance.

Customer Service Training Pre-Session- Meeting to review the sessions and to obtain any pertinent information so that these sessions will best compliment your current training philosophies.

Vocabulary- The best words and phrases to increase customer satisfaction and sales. The importance of voice inflection, articulation, silence and enthusiasm are revealed.

Specific Improvements- After hearing the theories of Quality Customer Focus, each staff member will be asked to provide his/her own improvement ideas. These ideas are very valuable to customer service success and the collected list will be given to management immediately following the seminars.

Action Assignments- Your staff will see the customer service process in an entirely new light - on the other side of the counter. These assignments are designed and proven to have a great impact on the participants.

Extensive Hands on Role Playing- This is one of the best ways to transmit information successfully - let each participant experience it. The best way to change behavior is to make them comfortable with the new approach. They will learn with the trainer, but also with each other. This helps create a comfortable environment for learning, a team atmosphere but most important RESULTS!

Material- All participants will receive a deluxe workbook, containing the material presented for future reference.

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