Since 1989, Laura Laaman & Associates increase the sales and profits for progressive businesses, executives and professionals worldwide. How? By delivering Powerful and Proven Sales Training to help Salespeople SELL MORE, Results-orientated Leadership Training to help managers manage better and with Motivating and Empowering Customer Service Training to help customer service teams Wow their customers.

To survive and most importantly thrive in today’s competitive world, companies and individuals looking to excel, need these powerful tools.

The CertifiableTM Salesperson is a fun, fast-paced parable that interestingly details 24 of the most critical competencies for sales success.

An improvement in any one of the competencies will increase sales.

An improvement in many will skyrocket your sales!

Wondering why you lost your last sale?

Wondering why you don't have more appointments?

Two of the world's top sales trainers have just released a power-library for those serious about moving their sales to the next level of success.

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