Relationship Selling- Especially in these times with strong competition, building a strong relationship with your customers is critical to a salesperson's and company's future. Closing ratios and customer satisfaction will increase drastically when a strong relationship is established and cultivated. This course deals with the importance and best methods to create buy-in, a sense of urgency as well as long-term customer loyalty.

Personality Identification- When a salesperson is aware of the four different personality types, including their own, they will build a stronger relationship and SELL MORE! This section thoroughly guides the participants through personality identification and gives them strategies on how best to relate to each of them.

The Fear of Rejection- Everyone has some degree of The Fear of Rejection but top performers have either consciously or unconsciously developed techniques on overcoming this sales disorder. This course will identify and offer techniques to decrease and/or eliminate The Fear of Rejection. Some specific positive results of this section will include increased activity and efficiency of prospecting, tele-prospecting and asking for referrals.

Pre-Greeting- The attitude and image needed before speaking with a customer. Current research on appropriate dress, grooming, and the meaning of common gestures relating to customer focus, postures, (body language). How to keep a positive attitude and goal setting are included in this section. Greeting - Why is a proper greeting critical to the positive outcome of the sale? We review customer anticipation and anxiety, showing easy methods to put the customer at ease.

Qualification- Assumptions are part of human nature, but they can be dangerous in the sales process. This course will demonstrate specific techniques to qualify a customer. These techniques will increase customer satisfaction and increase the average purchase. Presentation - It is a salesperson's job to present his/her professional recommendations. However, the way in which the product is presented has been found to have a strong correlation to a positive outcome - both in terms of closing and also in terms of customer satisfaction.

Overcoming Objections- When an untrained salesperson receives an objection, 88% of the time they will often agree with customer, accept the objections or stop selling. Objections are one the most feared parts of a sale. This course will illustrate the importance of customers voicing their interest and how to avoid and/or overcome your most common objections.

Closing- This should be the easiest part of a sale. Often it is not because most salespeople are not trained to look for buying signals, customer involvement and other indicators of interest. This course gives participants the most powerful, innovative, strategic and successful closes for their product, service and customer.

Follow-Up- Follow-up is critical to building strong relationships for the ongoing success of any salesperson and business. Different types of follow-up will work for different situations. This will be discussed in greater detail with management prior to the sessions.

Action Assignments- Multi sessions complemented by assignments are key to increasing retention and ensuring positive action. These assignments are designed and proven to have a tremendous positive impact on the participants.

Extensive Hands on Role Playing- This is one of the best ways to transmit information successfully - let each participant experience it. The best way to change behavior is to make them comfortable with the new approach. They will learn with the trainer, but also with each other. This helps create a comfortable environment for learning, a team atmosphere but most important RESULTS!

Material- All participants will receive a deluxe workbook, containing the material presented for future reference. This course is strong in its conviction to excellence, comprehensive in their coverage of material, practical and very uplifting!

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